New WorkSafe WA Commissioner announced

Reported by Haydee | 08 Jan, 2018

A new WorkSafe Commissioner in Western Australia has commenced position after previous Commissioner Lex McCulloch retired from the Public Service at the end of 2017.


New workplace safety kit now available

Reported by Haydee | 27 Dec, 2017

A new online kit has been released to help workplaces prevent slips and trips and meet their responsibilities under workplace safety legislation.


Proactive inspection on safety of store-based retailing

Reported by Haydee | 29 Nov, 2017

WorkSafe WA will conduct a proactive inspection campaign soon focusing on other store-based retailing outlets to improve safety within the industry. Inspectors will visit other store-based outlets to identify common safety risks and provide employers with information on how to comply with Occupational Safety and Health requirements.


Grain cooperative fined after worker’s serious hand injury

Reported by Haydee | 27 Sep, 2017

The cooperative pleaded guilty to failing to provide and maintain a safe work environment and, by that failure, causing serious harm to an employee, and was fined in the Southern Cross Magistrates Court last week.


Powder coating industry inspection finds improvements

Reported by Stephen | 08 Nov, 2016

A proactive inspection program focusing on safety issues in powder coating and abrasive blasting in Western Australian workplaces has found a noticeable improvement in safety practices.


Labour hire company fined for failing to ensure safety of workers

Reported by Haydee | 19 Aug, 2016

Labour hire companies should share the responsibility of ensuring the safety of workers they send to a workplace or face large fines and legal actions. This was the case of a labour hire company, which has been fined $20,000 for failing to ensure the safety of its labour hire workers who were supplied to a waste recycling company.