Charges laid for worker’s death in ACT

Reported by Haydee | 25 Jul, 2014

Work Safety Commissioner Mark McCabe has announced on Wednesday that charges have been laid in relation to the death of a worker after he was struck by a concrete boom at work in July 2012.


Mandatory asbestos awareness training in ACT

Reported by Haydee | 01 Jul, 2014

Asbestos awareness training will be conducted and all workers who might be exposed to asbestos are required to attend the course by 30 September.

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Violation of compo act resulted to issuance of Notice of Decision

Reported by Haydee | 10 Apr, 2014

A Notice of Decision was issued by the Workers Compensation Inspectorate at WorkSafe ACT to an employer in the health services industry on Tuesday to recover an amount equal to $26,707.02 for failing to maintain a compulsory worker’s compensation policy during the period between the 1st of June 2009 and the 6th of November 2013.


Ainslie businesses closed due to asbestos fears

Reported by Haydee | 06 Mar, 2014

Prohibition notices have been issued to two businesses in Ainslie following water damage to the building ceiling, which contains loose-fill asbestos. WorkSafe re-inspected the site following a complaint from a local resident. During the visit, inspectors noticed water damage to the ceiling of the premises. “The Prohibition Notices have been issued as a precaution due …

Businesses reopen after asbestos scare

Reported by Haydee | 10 Feb, 2014

Photo: SafetyCulture Library A few of the businesses which closed when loose asbestos was discovered in a building in Dickson have already reopened. According to ACT Work Safety Commissioner, Mark McCabe, the prohibition notice was lifted on two of the five businesses in the commercial building along Woolley Street, Dickson after testing for asbestos traces …

Businesses in Dickson Closed After Asbestos Discovery

Reported by Zoe | 24 Jan, 2014

A number of businesses could potentially be closed for months after asbestos was found in a building in the inner north commercial precinct. Work Safety Commissioner Mark McCabe said it is believed that the asbestos was found in the roof of the building however additional tests need to be conducted to establish the extent, levels …

WorkSafe ACT Issues Safety Notices After a Truck Tips at Worksite

Reported by Zoe | 17 Dec, 2013

A number of notices have been issued by WorkSafe ACT following an incident yesterday where a truck tipped over at a worksite whilst scaffolding was being unloaded. According to the owner of the scaffolding company, one of the outriggers that stabilises the truck, punctured the asphalt about 11am as the crane on the truck unloaded …

Construction Workers Protest Over Safety Concerns at Canberra Site

Reported by Zoe | 01 Nov, 2013

Over 100 workers protested at an ACT construction site today over their concerns for safety. Work stopped at the Braddon site today as a result of the protest. Inspectors from WorkSafe ACT are talking to management at the construction site about the concerns raised by the CFMEU. These issues include the lack of an established …

Superhero Hazardman Helps WorkSafe ACT with Safety Education

Reported by Zoe | 30 Oct, 2013

WorkSafe ACT has launched comic style superhero story around the character Hazardman to help reach younger audiences and educate them about how important workplace safety is. Commissioner Mark McCabe said that the initial idea was developed around three years ago when WorkSafe ACT realised that their core messages were not getting through to younger audiences. …

On-the-spot Fines Impacting ACT Construction Industry Safety

Reported by Zoe | 03 Oct, 2013

WorkSafe ACT issued more than double its prohibition, infringement and improvement notices this year in the construction industry with blitzes and site visits up by 15%. However, ACT Work Safety Commissioner Mark McCabe, said that the introduction of on-the-spot fines seems to be having the biggest impact on improving safety at construction sites in the …

Brothel Inspections Turning up Work Safety Issues

Reported by Zoe | 01 Oct, 2013

Over the past 12 months the authorities have increased inspections of ACT brothels and have found a number of work safety issues such as a lack of safe systems for sex toys and the reuse of soiled sheets. In the last financial year 19 inspections were undertaken of brothels in the ACT which is up …

New WorkSafe ACT safety app launched

Reported by Haydee | 26 Aug, 2013

A new WorkSafe ACT app available for Apple devices was launched by ACT Work Safety Commissioner, Mark McCabe. “I am delighted to launch WorkSafe ACT’s first app designed for use on mobile devices,” said Mr McCabe.” “This app will make it very easy for practitioners in the field to access our legislation and all of …

Close Calls at ACT Construction Sites Concerns WorkSafe ACT

Reported by Zoe | 17 Jul, 2013

After three high-risk close calls at construction sites in Canberra last week, WorkSafe ACT is reminding employers and workers to remain vigilant about safety. ACT Work Safety Commissioner Mark McCabe said that in one incident a worker dropped a length of metal tubing from scaffolding that penetrated a cable for high voltage electricity on Friday. …

Asbestos removal on a Downer home to commence

Reported by Haydee | 01 Jul, 2013

Photo: SafetyCulture Library Work will soon commence on the removal of loose-fill asbestos insulation from a residential area in Downer, the ACT Work Safety Commissioner announced today. Work Safety Commissioner, Mark McCabe, said the house was missed during the Loose Asbestos Insulation Removal Program in 1988-1993. “Although this form of asbestos poses clear health risks, …

Immediate Fines for Safety Breaches in ACT a Week Away

Reported by Zoe | 24 Jun, 2013

New fines to be issued on the spot in the ACT will be implemented from next Monday the 1st July. This will extend the quantity of offences that can earn fines of $3600 and place the responsibility for safety more on the shoulders of ACT employers than workers. Simon Corbell, Workplace Safety and Industrial Relations …

Builder Facing Prosecution over Asbestos Exposure

Reported by Zoe | 17 Jun, 2013

The ACT builder that allegedly exposed a family to asbestos is being investigated by WorkSafe ACT and may be prosecuted depending on the findings of the investigation. The family were exposed while their bathroom was being renovated and were living in the house with their two young children while the renovations were taking place. The …