Man crushed to death in workplace incident

Reported by Stephen | 23 Feb, 2015

Workplace Health and Safety is investigating a workplace incident that claimed the life of a man at a Townsville-based company on Friday morning.


Man injured in Williams farming incident

Reported by Stephen | 23 Jan, 2015

A man whose feet became trapped in a hay-baling machine at a farm in Williams, 32km west of Narrogin is recovering in a Perth hospital.

fifo workers

Rate of FIFO suicides alarming-union

Reported by Stephen | 26 Nov, 2014

Electrical Trades Union South West organiser Dan McGaw says the number of suicide deaths among fly in fly out (FIFO) workers in the Surat Basin has reached a “disgraceful” level.


28 workers killed in a month

Reported by Stephen | 24 Nov, 2014

Safe Work Australia’s monthly notifiable fatalities report shows 28 Australian workers were killed while at work during the month of August this year.


Prolonged sitting and office lighting a workplace health risk

Reported by Stephen | 03 Oct, 2014

Researchers from the University of Adelaide say less movement and prolonged sitting poses serious health risks to office workers. The use of blue-rich LEDs instead of warm-coloured lighting is also detrimental to the health of office workers according to the public health researchers.

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Research shows safety awareness differs across various industries

Reported by Stephen | 15 Sep, 2014

The findings of a new study conducted by organisational psychology firm SACS Consulting show workers in the utilities sector were the most conscious of their safety and were more likely to take part in activities that improve safety in the workplace.


125 Australians killed at work this year

Reported by Stephen | 10 Sep, 2014

Statistics from Safe work Australia show 125 Australian workers have been killed while at work this year, with the transport, postal and warehousing industries recording the highest number of fatalities.