Finalists announced for 2017 WorkSafe Victoria Awards

Reported by Stephen | 27 Sep, 2017

The finalists for the 2017 WorkSafe Awards have been announced, with twenty-three Victorian businesses, health and safety representatives and individuals included in the list.


Queensland ramps up support for coal workers

Reported by Stephen | 24 Mar, 2017

Industrial Relations Minister Grace Grace on Thursday said that since the re-emergence of black lung disease, the Queensland Government has ramped up efforts to tackle the disease and support those workers affected by it.


Work-related fatalities figures updated

Reported by Stephen | 16 Mar, 2017

Latest workplace fatality figures from Safe Work Australia show 32 Australian workers have been killed at work so far this year.


Drug and alcohol testing in the workplace

Reported by Stephen | 11 Jul, 2016

Drug and alcohol testing in the workplace is essential for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons why workers are tested for drugs or alcohol is because impairment by alcohol or drugs increases the risk of suffering an injury.


Importance of first aid compliance in the workplace

Reported by Stephen | 04 Jul, 2016

People who are injured or become ill at work need immediate and appropriate medical attention. Workplace related injuries cost the Australian economy an estimated $60.6 billion each year, according to Safe Work Australia