Hospital introduces body cameras for workers

Reported by Haydee | 09 Apr, 2018

In an effort to reduce the rise in the number of attacks, Townsville Hospital has recently introduced body-worn cameras for hospital staff.


Workplace Quit Smoking Program

Reported by Haydee | 27 Feb, 2014

Workers and businesses are encouraged to participate in the free Workplace Quit Smoking Program, which is a key activity of the Workplaces for Wellness Initiative.

Safety inspection program to focus on labour hire workers

Reported by Haydee | 29 Jan, 2014

An inspection program which will focus on the safety and health of labour hire workers in Western Australia will be conducted by WorkSafe WA. Safety inspectors will look at the safety conditions of labour hire workers and will also visit labour hire agents. “Whenever an inspector visits a WA workplace for any reason, the employer …

Director fined for work safety breaches

Reported by Haydee | 29 Jan, 2014

A director of a construction company was fined $1750 plus legal fees due to a workplace incident which happened in June 2011 at Dry Creek. The defendant pleaded guilty to the offence and cooperated with SafeWork SA during the investigation. The defendant was prosecuted for failure to take reasonable care to avoid adversely affecting the …

WorkCover: Ensure safety in working around electricity and powerlines

Reported by Haydee | 21 Jan, 2014

Photo: SafetyCulture Library WorkCover NSW reminded workers to observe safety when working with electricity and powerlines after a recent analysis revealed that there had been two electrocutions and 14 electric shocks in a recent 12-month period. The WorkCover analysis covers data from August 2012 to August 2013. “In one instance, a worker was installing air-conditioning …

Higher levels of alcohol drinking affects safety of workers

Reported by Haydee | 26 Sep, 2013

“Around five percent of all Australian workplace deaths and 11 percent of workplace injuries involve alcohol.” This is according to Workplace Health and Safety Queensland who issued a reminder on the risks of higher levels of drinking. WHSQ said increased levels of alcohol drinking can affect an individual’s health and hurt his family and work …

Preventing heat stress among workers during warmer weather

Reported by Haydee | 17 Sep, 2013

Photo: SafetyCulture Library As the Australian Bureau of Meteorology predicts a warmer weather than average spring, WorkCover Queensland reminds everyone to prepare for the hotter months and to protect workers against heat stress. Workers and employers can prevent heat stress by considering the following steps: Rescheduling work so hot tasks are done during the cooler …

Cancer-stricken Tasmanian firies now given better compo access

Reported by Haydee | 10 May, 2013

Photo: SafetyCulture Library Tasmanian firefighters will now be given better access to medical support and compensation as the Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Amendment (Fire-fighters) Bill 2013 has been introduced in the Tasmanian Parliament last week by Minister for Workplace Relations, David James O’Byrne. Firies in Tasmania need not prove a significant connection betweek their work and …

Sunshine Coast Council workers to undergo drug tests

Reported by Haydee | 01 Apr, 2013

Workers of the Sunshine Coast Council will be required to undergo random drug and alcohol tests this month. According to a report by The Queensland Times, the council will introduce the compulsory oral swabs and breath-testing in April to ensure workplace safety, particularly in high-risk areas involving machinery. Plant and machinery operators should have a …

Free workplace sessions to prevent skin cancer among workers

Reported by Haydee | 05 Mar, 2013

Image: Queensland Health 2010 A research conducted by Cancer Council has found many Australian workers are at risk of contracting skin cancer due to exposure from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays while at work.  Their employers could also be at risk of breaching the law if they fail to protect their workers. The Hume region is …

WorkCover NSW: Ensure safety of young workers

Reported by Haydee | 01 Mar, 2013

Photo: SafetyCulture Library WorkCover NSW issued a reminder to businesses to ensure the safety of young workers after two teenage apprentice carpenters were injured on Wednesday. An 18-year-old paarentice carpenter was assisting in moving floor sheeting off a pallet with a crane when the sheeting came loose, hitting him and breaking his right leg. Another …

Former workers of brake and clutch manufacturing company urged to sign up to asbestos registers

Reported by Haydee | 28 Jan, 2013

Photo: SafetyCulture Library The Australian Manufacturing Workers Union is calling on former workers of a brake and clutch manufacturer in Ballarat to register with lawyers if they are concerned about having asbestos-related illnesses. According to ABC, AMWU’s Ballarat-based organiser, Colin Muir, is encouraging all former employees to sign up to asbestos registers in case they …

Using Technology in Mines Improves Worker Safety

Reported by Admin | 11 Dec, 2012

An array of new technology is being increasingly used such as glasses that predict micro-sleeps, remotely operated underground vehicles, autonomous trucks, sensor networks, mobile apps and touch screen information kiosks to improve safety for workers in the Australian resources industry. With the mining industry tagged as the sixth most dangerous industry for workers in the …

Cotter Dam Construction Site blockaded by Workers Concerned with Safety

Reported by Admin | 28 Aug, 2012

Workers from the Cotter dam construction site have set up a blockade and stopped all work. They blocked the site at 5am this morning with the CFMEU because of ongoing safety issues at the site, but also cited the liquidation of a crane contractor overnight as an issue as well. The crane equipment is not insured …

Watson: Farm safety a WorkCover priority

Reported by Haydee | 16 Jul, 2012

WorkCover NSW is calling on all NSW farmers to prioritise work health and safety in their farms. The new work health and safety (WHS) laws which commenced in NSW on 1 January 2012 mandates farmers and farm managers to be responsible for the health and safety of their workers and other people who visit farms …