Exposure to diesel fumes increases lung cancer risk

Reported by Stephen | 05 Oct, 2016

Cancer Council Australia is calling for greater cancer awareness among workers following an increase in the number of people diagnosed with lung cancer from work-based exposure to diesel fumes.


Managing risks in the workplace

Reported by Stephen | 12 Sep, 2016

Risk assessment is one of the most important aspects of good health and safety practice. An effective risk management allows a business to identify areas where workers face risks and put in place measures to control these risks.


Vital tips for preventing falls in the workplace

Reported by Stephen | 16 May, 2016

Falls account for a significant number of work-related deaths and injuries across Australian workplaces every year. Figures from Safe Work Australia shows 232 workers were killed following a fall from a height over the eight-year period from 1 July 2003 to 30 June 2011. Eleven percent of all workers were killed over this period.


Is it safe? When are structures safe enough? – industry forum

Reported by Stephen | 31 Aug, 2015

This inaugural forum focuses on the importance of adopting a risk-based approach to controlling exposure to hazards at all stages of the life cycle of plant structures – design, construction, operation and demolition.


Boggabri mine worker death report released

Reported by Stephen | 31 Aug, 2015

The NSW Department of Industry Mine Safety has released a report into the death of a rigger at Boggabri Coal Mine in May last year.


Risk Management Workshop

Reported by Stephen | 24 Aug, 2015

Effective risk management is essential to your safety and the safety of those you work with. It is a key requirement of work health and safety legislation and lies at the core of a business’ safety obligations.

Customs Agents Think Name Tags Create Risk

Reported by Admin | 14 Sep, 2013

Customs agents are saying that a requirement by management for them to wear name tags at work creates a risk of “revenge attacks and intimidation by international gangsters” according to a report in The Canberra Times. Comcare is concerned about the issue and has requested that the Australian Customs and Border Protection Agency consult with …

Fishermen Safety at Risk on the Job

Reported by Admin | 12 Nov, 2012

According to Safe Work Australia Australian Fishermen are 29 times more likely to die at work that the average worker. Yesterday, at the annual Sunday’s Blessing of the Fleet at the Sydney Fish Market, the dangers and difficulties that fisherman face were highlighted. The ceremony is a tradition that stated many years ago in Mediterranean …

$11,000 Fine for SACA Safety Failure

Reported by Admin | 07 Sep, 2012

SACA (South Australian Cricket Association) was today issued a fine for more than $11,000 after a workplace accident at the Adelaide Oval where a worker was burned. The worker was engaged in the kiosk when the accident happened in 2009. She was in the process of cleaning up a deep fryer when hot oil splashed …

Micromorts and Microlives – the measurement of risks

Reported by Angela | 02 Apr, 2012

Living is risky. When we cross the street, we risk being hit by a car. When we climb a high ladder, we risk falling from the top and dying. We are constantly reminded of how to control or eliminate risk in our lives. Eating a healthy diet, getting regular exercise, and keeping our relationships healthy are all …