Siestas save fatigued farmers

Reported by Stephen | 13 Mar, 2016

With new research showing the impact of fatigue on farmers is as bad as having an above-the limit blood alcohol reading, and continuous long work days correlate with increases in health issues, like diabetes and cardiovascular disease, grain and cotton growers are being encouraged to consider the benefits of giving in to the urge to have a post-lunch siesta.


Workers urged to consider safety this summer

Reported by Stephen | 01 Dec, 2014

With extreme heat expected during the summer months, WorkCover Dubbo district co-ordinator Mark Smith is urging workers in the region to consider the importance of safety in the workplace.

Fires and Maintenance Take Over from Fatigue as Major Cause of Truck Crashes

Reported by Admin | 08 Oct, 2013

According to a report by the National Truck Accident Research Centre fire and mechanical failure now cause more major truck accidents on Australia’s roads than driver fatigue. The report poses the question whether truck maintenance standards have fallen at a point where the number of heavy vehicles on the roads has risen dramatically. The centre’s …

Draft regulatory impact statement on rail industry fatigue risk management, open for comment

Reported by Haydee | 01 Mar, 2012

Australians can now have their say on the proposed options for the consistent national regulation of the management of fatigue risk in the rail industry under the new Rail Safety National Law to commence in 2013. The National Transport Commission (NTC) has released a draft regulatory impact statement available for public comment which offers four …

SA: Study Says Work Fatigue Impacts Personal Life

Reported by Admin | 04 Nov, 2010

A new research has revealed that longer work hours are negatively affecting employees’ balance between life and work. SafeWork SA’s Work Life Balance project and the University of South Australia’s Centre for Work and Life and its Centre for Sleep Research completed the research as part of Safe Work Week. According to the report, overworked …

QLD: Massive Audit to Target Falls from Height

Reported by Admin | 02 Oct, 2010

The Queensland Government is making its presence felt in the construction industry by auditing hundreds of construction sites across the state. This move is part of the Government’s initiative to improve the sector’s safety performance. According to Industrial Relations Minister Cameron Dick, the audit program will be spearheaded by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ) …

QLD: Research Centre Probes Link Between Truckie Culture and Crashes

Reported by Admin | 31 Aug, 2010

A Queensland accident research centre will take a closer look at the connection between heavy vehicle crashes and the culture of truck drivers. Queensland University of Technology’s Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety will undertake a three-year study that will also look into the effect of safety regulations on driver behaviour. PhD student Jason …

Changes in Transport Sector Urged

Reported by Admin | 25 May, 2010

A truck driver’s union has been critical of the slow response by the Federal Government on a report released 18 months ago. The union, who is pushing for reforms in the transport industry, said 430 people have been killed in truck-related accidents since the release of the report. A recent casualty involved a truck driver …

NSW: Fatigue Campaign for Long Distance Trucking Launched

Reported by Admin | 25 May, 2010

WorkCover is pushing to minimise fatigue in long-distance trucking. WorkCover has launched a campaign in recognition that fatigue is a relevant safety and health risk for the 36,000 NSW truckers. According to WorkCover, everyone involved in long-distance freight transport has a role in reducing the risks of fatigue, whether he is a driver, employer, carrier, …

NSW: Mining Health Issues Tackled

Reported by Admin | 22 Apr, 2010

Mining companies within Broken have been urged to incorporate health issues in their management plans. The New South Wales Department of Industry & Investment conducted sessions with representatives of mining companies in the area yesterday to discuss fatigue management, health management and musculoskeletal disorders. Heather Jackson, the manager of the Mining Industry Assistance Unit, said …

NSW: Mine Safety Workshops to be Held

Reported by Admin | 10 Apr, 2010

A string of seminars across New South Wales will focus on the hazards faced in the mining industry, including their health and business implications. The workshops are hosted by Industry and Investment NSW. For the next seven months, the workshops will centre on common issues among miners, including health and fatigue management and musculoskeletal disorders. …

WA: WorkSafe Warns Longer Hours Lead To HIgher Risks

Reported by Admin | 02 Mar, 2010

WorkSafe WA has turned its attention to the increasing number of work hours among employees on the Gorgon gas project. The safety agency says fly-in-fly-out semiskilled workers and tradesmen in Pilbara, which has agreed to 70-hour work weeks, could be more vulnerable to risks. Under the new agreement, workers will work 70 hours per week …