FarmSafe Australia Advises Farmers to Be Extra Vigilant

Reported by Admin | 24 May, 2015

To reduce the increasing number of fatalities and serious injuries on Australian farms, Farmsafe Australia advised farmers not to let children use quad bikes, never allow quad bike riders to take passengers and to make safe playing areas for children on farms.

Call for quad bike safety in Australian farms

Reported by Haydee | 15 Jul, 2013

Photo: SafetyCulture Library Farmsafe Australia is calling on quad bike manufacturers to take some action as number of deaths from quad bike accidents increases. Farmsafe Australia chair, Charles Armstrong told ABC News that safety is important and should be a major part of business. He said it will “reduce risks to those that work and …

Worker seriously injured in cotton accident

Reported by Haydee | 21 Apr, 2012

A worker was seriously injured by a piece of machinery in a cotton field at Walgett in Northwest New South Wales this week. ABC News reports that harvest has started in NSW and Queensland, and workers were under pressure to get the bumper crop picked and processed. According to Farmsafe Australia executive officer John Temperley, …