National plan to reduce asbestos risk launched

Reported by Stephen | 01 Sep, 2015

A National Plan on Asbestos Safety and Eradication has been launched.The plan was launched last week following a meeting of State and Territory Ministers.


Dust Diseases Scheme not being abolished

Reported by Haydee | 11 Aug, 2015

The Workers’ Compensation Dust Diseases Board is not being axed. This was what Mr Vivek Bhatia, Chief Executive Officer of Safety, Return to Work and Support clarified in a statement.

Businesses in Dickson Closed After Asbestos Discovery

Reported by Zoe | 24 Jan, 2014

A number of businesses could potentially be closed for months after asbestos was found in a building in the inner north commercial precinct. Work Safety Commissioner Mark McCabe said it is believed that the asbestos was found in the roof of the building however additional tests need to be conducted to establish the extent, levels …

Union concerned on alleged asbestos importation

Reported by Haydee | 06 Jan, 2014

Photo: SafetyCulture Library Unions are worried that ten years after asbestos has been banned in Australia, its importation still continues. According to ACTU Assistant Secretary Michael Borowick, making the country asbestos-free by 2030 is unlikely to happen at this rate. “The goal of an asbestos free Australia by 2030 cannot be reached if an ineffectual …

Warning Signs Required for Schools Containing Asbestos

Reported by Zoe | 22 Dec, 2013

The Education Department was taken to court by WorkSafe Victoria and “ordered to lift its game following a series of safety breaches” according to a report in The Age, as a result any schools that contain asbestos will have to have warning signs at their front gate. The breaches were at three Victorian schools that …