QUT researchers seeking views on workplace safety

Reported by Stephen | 01 Mar, 2019

Queensland University of Technology researchers are looking for Queensland workers to participate in a survey to better understand work safety at the grassroots level.


Game engine software used to improve crane safety

Reported by Haydee | 26 Oct, 2018

Dr. Yihai Fang and his team from Monash University’s Department of Civil Engineering has created programs using game engine software that uses sensing, simulation and visualization to enhance the safety of crane lift training and operation.


New report shows ice use rampant in workplaces

Reported by Stephen | 01 Aug, 2018

Thousands of Australians are turning up to work under the influence of methamphetamines and predominately ice, according to new data from South Australia’s peak business lobby Business SA.


One in three Australians suffer from “social jet lag”, study says

Reported by Haydee | 10 Jul, 2018

A new research reveals that one in three Australians are “socially jet lagged”, with 31 percent of those surveyed saying that the time they sleep is more than an hour out of sync with their body clock on weekends compared with work nights.


Workplace bullying may lead to vicious cycle of misconduct

Reported by Stephen | 04 Jun, 2018

New research led by the University of East Anglia (UEA) reveals that frequently being the target of workplace aggression can have a negative impact on the victim’s health and also cause them to behave badly towards others.


Job strain linked to common mental illness

Reported by Stephen | 22 May, 2018

High job strain is associated with an increased risk of developing common mental health issues such as depression and anxiety amongst middle-aged workers, according to new research led by the Black Dog Institute.


New study shows FIFO workers face mental distress

Reported by Stephen | 15 May, 2018

More than a quarter of FIFO workers experience high to very high levels of psychological distress, compared with just 10.8% of the general population, new research has found.