Report: Workers’ compensation claims continue to drop

Reported by Haydee | 31 Mar, 2017

Safe Work Australia released the Australian Workers’ Compensation Statistics 2014-15 report which provides a detailed workers’ compensation statistics, including preliminary claim data for 2014-15 and an analysis of claims over time.


Construction company develops free interactive asbestos guide

Reported by Haydee | 30 Mar, 2017

A construction company, J Hutchinson Pty Ltd., has developed a free interactive asbestos guide to help homeowners and small businesses working with, or removing asbestos-containing products from residential areas.


Man airlifted after bike and cow collide

Reported by Stephen | 30 Mar, 2017

A man in his 70’s has been airlifted to hospital following a quad bike incident involving a cow, south-west of the Gold Coast.


Man airlifted after quad bike fall

Reported by Stephen | 29 Mar, 2017

A man suffered serious injuries to his chest after a fall from a quad bike in northern New South Wales Friday.


Queensland ramps up support for coal workers

Reported by Stephen | 24 Mar, 2017

Industrial Relations Minister Grace Grace on Thursday said that since the re-emergence of black lung disease, the Queensland Government has ramped up efforts to tackle the disease and support those workers affected by it.