Public comment sought for regulation of explosives across Australia

Reported by Haydee | 30 Jul, 2015

Australian businesses, industries, workers and the wider community are encouraged to share their views and comments on how explosives are regulated across the country, as well as on any issues differences in explosives legislation across Australian jurisdictions may have for them.


Farm safety culture boosts productivity

Reported by Stephen | 30 Jul, 2015

Research shows organisations that prioritise safety are among the most profitable and that embracing a culture of safety throughout your farming operations increases productivity besides reducing fatalities and injuries.


Man injured in forklift incident

Reported by Stephen | 29 Jul, 2015

A man is recovering in hospital after being injured by a forklift in southeastern Queensland on Tuesday morning.


Two men’s journey to promote mental health

Reported by Haydee | 29 Jul, 2015

A fly-in-fly-out worker and a medical student are currently travelling across Australia to encourage people to speak up about depression and anxiety and to seek help.


Call to replace quad bikes with side-by-side vehicles

Reported by Stephen | 28 Jul, 2015

Due to the high number of quad bike related fatalities reported across Australian farms every year, farmers are being urged to consider using side by side vehicles in place of the four wheelers.


Standing up to an authority can save lives

Reported by Haydee | 28 Jul, 2015

It’s a common workplace issue – the fear of pointing out a mistake committed by someone senior to us. In some cases, however, staying silent could lead to deadly outcomes.