ReturnToWorkSA prosecutes eighth person for work injury fraud

Reported by Haydee | 29 Dec, 2015

The man was prosecuted on Thursday, 24 December. He was convicted and sentenced to 9 months imprisonment suspended with Corrections supervision and monitoring for 18 months and ordered to repay $34,381 in restitution and costs.


Quad bike death prompts helmet warning

Reported by Stephen | 29 Dec, 2015

Following the death of a 75-year-old man in a quad bike incident in Tasmania on Sunday night, police are now urging all riders to wear appropriate safety gear.

bullying pixabay-Jedidja

Reaching out to employees with mental health issues

Reported by Haydee | 28 Dec, 2015

With one in five Australian workers estimated to experience a mental illness, it is important for employers to encourage people to talk about mental health and to open up if they are experiencing mental health issues.


Man killed in quad bike rollover

Reported by Stephen | 28 Dec, 2015

The victim, 75, was riding his quad bike on a property, 96km southeast of Hobart, when it rolled over and crushed him.


Safety films produced for the transport industry

Reported by Haydee | 28 Dec, 2015

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland has released safety films for the transport industry to help prevent workers from falling from trucks, securing loads, immobilising heavy vehicles and trailers and managing safety at delivery points.


August 2015 Notifiable Fatalities Monthly Report released

Reported by Stephen | 24 Dec, 2015

The August 2015 notifiable fatalities monthly report released by Safe Work Australia shows there were 14 work-related notifiable fatalities during August 2015 — 10 male workers, 1 female worker, 2 male bystanders and 1 female bystander. Of these fatalities, 4 workers died as a result of an incident on a public road.

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Indicators of a mentally healthy workplace

Reported by Haydee | 24 Dec, 2015

Workers’ mental health should always be one of the top priorities in every workplace. Today, it is estimated that one in five Australian workers will experience mental health issues in the years to come as the demand of a highly competitive work environment, a culture of always being on-the-go, and work issues like bullying and discrimination increase.


United in promoting awareness on asbestos safety

Reported by Haydee | 23 Dec, 2015

Rugby league legend and Asbestos Awareness Ambassador Trevor Gillmesiter and Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations, Grace Grace met Julia and Don Sager who lost their son to mesothelioma to discuss the importance of keeping people safe from asbestos.