Man fatally injured in tree harvester accident

Reported by Haydee | 31 Mar, 2014

Investigators are puzzled why a worker who was fatally injured in a logging accident at a pine plantation in Myamyn last week left the cabin of an operating tree harvester.


Counterfeit Stickers Jeopardise Crane Safety

Reported by Stephen | 31 Mar, 2014

Counterfeit safety stickers on display in some cranes in a number of Australian states pose great risks to operators and other workers on building sites. This is according to the Crane Industry Council of Australia (CICA).


Proposed changes to compo scheme introduced

Reported by Haydee | 28 Mar, 2014

The Government introduced this month changes to the Comcare scheme which seeks to expand access for national employers to compensation and work health and safety coverage.


Forty Percent of Buildings in NSW are Potential Fire Traps

Reported by Admin | 28 Mar, 2014

Buildings across NSW are regularly declared safe but are actually breaching fire standards and fast becoming potential fire traps as contractors allegedly install poor fire protection in order to cut cost or simply due to ignorance.


CASA Defends Against Safety Oversight Accusations

Reported by Admin | 27 Mar, 2014

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) defended itself against claims made by the Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association that it has failed in overseeing safety in the industry. The rift between CASA and the engineers union stemmed from a Senate inquiry on Qantas Airlines regarding its decision to scrap 5,000 jobs to maintain sustainability. The …


New Mining Health and Safety Facility Launched in NSW

Reported by Admin | 27 Mar, 2014

The Newcastle Institute of Energy and Resources (NIER) in partnership with Aspen Medical has established a new health and safety facility called Centre of Resources Health and Safety in Newcastle, New South Wales . The launch comes in the midst of successive mining-related accidents that prompted an alert issue from the Queensland’s Mines Safety Commissioner. …

WorkCover-logo-250x313 (2)

WorkCover Small Business Tour in NSW towns

Reported by Haydee | 27 Mar, 2014

WorkCover NSW, together wirh the Orana Regional Business Enterprise Centre will conduct a Western Plains Small Business Safety Tour next week to promote safety in NSW businesses.