WorkSafe to investigate worker’s crane ride stunt


WorkSafe will be investigating two online videos of workers collaborating to propel and swing co-workers through air like a Royal Show ride using an excavator with a crane-like arm in Western Australia, PerthNow reports.

This development comes after WorkSafe received an anonymous tip off as to the worker’s identities.

The initial video was originally posted by username ipeas1 on Tuesday at The video was titled Australian health and safety.

An anonymous sender sent another video to PerthNow showing a group of building workers performing a similar stunt.

The new video shows two men straddling a tyre which is hanging from the arm of the excavator at a suburban work site.

A third man driving the excavator starts to swing the arm in circles propelling the two men through the air.

The two videos showed a possible breach of local Health and Safety Regulations.

Comment is being sought from the worker’s company.


To view the workers’ stunt video, visit the PerthNow’s page.

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