Worker exposed to asbestos will receive more than $300,000 payout

An asbestos victim will receive more than $300,000 compensation after the High Court dismissed an appeal made by an industrial building materials company against the award.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the High Court decided there was enough evidence to uphold The Dust Diseases Tribunal’s original verdict that asbestos-containing brake linings manufactured by the company caused the victim’s sickness.

The Dust Diseases Tribunal ruled in 2008 that the 78-year old former mechanic was exposed to asbestos from brake pads while working for the company. The victim claims that the company failed to inform workers on the dangers of their brake linings. He now suffers from malignant pleural mesothelioma. He was awarded a compensation of $326,640.

The company was unsuccessful in making an appeal in the NSW Court of Appeal, before the case was taken to the High Court.

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