Winner of the People’s Choice Award Announced


The winner of the National Safe Work Month People’s Choice Award has been announced.

Coffey Services Australia Ltd was picked by public vote to receive an extra $5,000.

Safe Work Australia Chair, Diane Smith-Gander, congratulated the company for winning the Award.

“I’m delighted that you have chosen Coffey Services Australia Ltd as your People’s Choice. Their project aims to reduce injury rates and worker pain associated with hand augering, Ms. Smith-Gander said.

Ms. Smith-Gander also commended the shortlist of five successful entries in the National Safe Work Month competition.

Entrants in the competition bid for between $2,000 and $20,000 (of a pool of $50,000) to help fund a great idea to improve safety in their workplace.

“This has been an outstanding National Safe Work Month, with congratulations also due to those of you who created safe work moments in your workplaces throughout October,” said Ms. Smith-Gander.

“Although National Safe Work Month is over, staying safe doesn’t end here. Make it a habit to add safety moments to your day, every day.”

Additional information is available on 2018 People’s Choice Award page.

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