TAS: Worker Loses Leg in Brick Crusher

A man who lost his leg in a workplace accident three months ago feared he would be “eaten alive” when he was sucked into a brick crusher.

The 26-year-old was clearing a blockage from a crusher at a brick plant in New Town when a co-worker mistakenly turned the machine on.

The machine sucked him in and continued to do so even after it was shut off, because it took time to wind to a stop.

The man said he was trapped in the machine for two hours and was conscious until moments before a surgeon amputated his leg, so he could be pulled free.

The victim spent 11 weeks in hospital, undergoing several operations and treatments.

His right leg was amputated just below the hip.

Skin grafts were needed to cover large sections of his backside, lower back and the palm of his right hand, where skin had been ripped from his body in the crusher.

His long-term goal is to walk again.

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