Siemens set up Global Skill Center for Occupational Safety


Mumbai, India — Siemens and TUV Rheinland India have collaborated to set up the Global Skill Center for Occupational Safety offering comprehensive training programs with an extensive practical component under simulated conditions existing in typical project/construction sites. TUV Rheinland is a world leader in testing, inspection, certification and training.

The training center has been designed to provide practical training on the latest safety equipment and techniques to achieve a “Zero Harm Culture” to allow people to work without accidents.

The center will be conducting certified training courses to develop ‘Safety Leaders’ in the project-based businesses and industries.

Siemens ha a deep commitment to improving safety of Construction/Project sites in India, and TUV Rheinland is proud to be able to support Siemens in this venture. As the training partner, TUV Rheinland will bring global training expertise to ensure the highest standards of health and safety are taught to participants,” said TUV Rheinland India CEO and Managing Director Thomas Fuhrmann.

Sunil Mathur, Siemens Limited Managing Director, and Chief Executive Officer said the center is an important milestone for the company in its aim of achieving a safe work culture in the industry.

“The Global Skills Center for Occupational Safety is a critical milestone in Siemens’ journey of driving a culture of Zero Harm in the industry,” said Mr. Mathur. “The Training Centre is designed to meet the requirements of the industry for high-quality Training on Site Safety Measures. We hope to be the catalysts of a transformation in the approach toward Safety and support the industry’s efforts to maintain a Zero Harm Culture at project sites and manufacturing units.

The flagship program of the centre, SITRUST or Siemens & TUV Rheinland Unique Safety Training offers extensive practical training using simulated construction site environment.

The course experiential learning of hazard and risk identification, safety planning, risk mitigation and implementation of controls. The training program features Story Boards – a case study-based learning on safety management at the workplace. The training modules also include specialized training on real-life scenarios of an operational nature in project or construction sites, such as electrical safety, fire safety and working at height.

The program aims to reach out to occupational safety practitioners, project/site Managers, construction managers, construction site supervisors, safety marshals and site engineers.

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