NSW: Restaurants Breach Health and Safety Standards

Newcastle and Maitland Council food and safety inspectors have fined three Hunter Valley restaurants for health and safety breaches.

The first incident occurred at a noodle outlet in September where inspectors measured a pot of chicken stock at a hazardous temperature.

Inspectors found the stock had been out of temperature control for four hours.

Its temperature measured just under 33 degrees celsius.

The business was fined $440 for failing to store potentially hazardous food under the appropriate temperature control.

A similar breach was detected at a sushi restaurant in East Maitland.

It had already been warned by Maitland Council inspectors and was fined nearly $900 for failing to display sushi at the correct temperature.

A Thai restaurant at Honeysuckle was also fined $880 after Newcastle Council inspectors found a large rice cooker obstructing a hand washing basin.

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