New Queensland capacity certificate to support positive return to work outcomes


Work-related injuries can have a major impact to the lives of people involved and to the community.

Injuries at work cost the Queensland economy $5.8 billion annually, which is around four times the cost of compensated work-related injuries. According to Workplace Health and Safety Queensland, the impact of work-related injuries can be reduced by promoting a positive return to work culture and executing practices to help injured workers get back to work quickly and safely.

Supporting early return to work can also help businesses maintain operational requirements and minimise claim costs that impact on workers’ compensation premiums.

Because of this, WHSQ is currently reviewing the workers’ compensation medical certificate. A new certificate will be introduced in 2016 focusing on capacity, rather than incapacity, for work. This aims to encourage doctors, workers and employers to start a conversation about the issue from the very first medical appointment.

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland would like to engage doctors on changes and resources needed to enable them to promote health benefits for work and ensure smooth transition through focus group discussions commencing on the second week of February 2016.

More information about this can be obtained by contacting Workplace Health and Safety Queensland.

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