Muscle and Tendon Trauma Tops Workplace Injuries


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An investigation conducted by the APN shows muscles and tendons are the most frequent areas for workplace injuries in the south-west Queensland.

Around 169 people in Australia have been killed while on their job this year while 167 died in 2013. In the 2012-2013 financial year, the State Government reported about 8,030 injuries in south-west Queensland, which includes Ipswich, Toowomba and Warwick.

Overall, the figures went down 1,500 on the previous 12 months but muscle and tendon injuries showed 2,020 incidents which make it the most common areas for workplace injuries. Also showing an alarming rate are wounds, amputations and organ damage with 1,910 cases being reported. Joint and ligament, and soft tissue trauma were also included on the most common workplace injuries.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics also reported that sprains and strains brought about by lifting, pushing, pulling and bending are the most common hurts.

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