Injured workers in NSW to get more benefits


The NSW government has announced more changes to the workers compensation scheme. The changes announced by Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation Victor Dominello on Friday will boost benefits for injured workers to assist in their recovery and return to work.

“These changes form part of a billion dollar reform package announced in August which prioritises the wellbeing and needs of injured workers,” Mr Dominello said.

“This is good news for the thousands of injured workers across NSW.”

The benefits include:

  • protection of weekly payments while a work capacity decision is under review;
  • increased entitlement periods to medical expenses for all workers;
  • minimum weekly amount as a safety net for workers with the highest needs;
  • medical expenses for life for all workers with high needs;
  • hearing aids and prosthesis for life for all workers.

Workers who made claims before August 5 this year may have further entitlement to medical expenses and weekly benefits.

Changes to the Workers Compensation Amendment Act 2015 are being delivered in a series of phases.

Lump sum payments for permanent impairment, death and funeral expenses were increased by the NSW Government in October. The government also extended weekly benefits until 12 months after reaching retirement age.

More changes to the NSW Workers Compensation Scheme in relation to legal costs and return to work arrangements are expected next year, following public consultation.

“These reforms deliver more benefits to injured workers with the highest need and deliver savings to premiums for businesses,” Mr Dominello said.

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