Feedback sought on proposed amendments to work health and safety requirements for inorganic lead


Safe Work Australia is currently seeking feedback on proposed changes to work health and safety requirements for inorganic lead.

Scientific evidences shows that current legislated blood levels and workplace exposure standards are not sufficient to protect workers from health issues. Exposure standards are stipulated in the model Work Health and Safety Regulations as mandatory legal limits to protect the health of workers and reduce exposure to chemicals in the workplace.

Australia’s safety watchdog is seeking feedback on proposed changes to blood levels and airborne lead concentrations:

  1. Setting levels of lead in workers’ blood (blood lead levels) to identify trigger points to commence mandatory health monitoring of workers, workers who need to be removed from lead risk work, and when those workers may be returned to lead risk work.
  2. Setting maximum concentration levels of lead in air for workplaces

Regulators, occupational hygienists, work health and safety professionals, workers and businesses working with lead and other stakeholders are encouraged to share their views in the Consultation Regulation Impact Statement via the Safe Work Australia public submissions website.

Submissions close 5.30pm AEDT, Friday 26 February 2016.

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