Colbert Transport Operator To Face Manslaughter Charges


Photo by: Scott W.

The owner of a trucking company is set to face charges hurled against him over the death of one of his drivers in Happy Valley on March 7, 2014.

Peter Francis Colbert, owner of Colbert Transport, who previously pleaded not guilty of manslaughter in the Adelaide Magistrate over the death of Robert Brimson will have to face unusual charge of manslaughter through gross negligence.  According to reports, more than 40 witnesses are set to give their evidences at the trial.

The 45-year-old driver, died after the truck he was driving crashed at a road sign at Happy Valley. Authorities alleged that the cause of the fatal crash was brake failure and the driver’s deliberate actions in swerving to avoid a collision saved the lives of other drivers. The truck owner also pleaded not guilty to endangering the life of two other drivers who had earlier driven the truck used by the victim.

Colbert is due to appear in the SA District Court but the prosecution applied to have it transferred to the Supreme Court.

Both the defence and prosecution admitted that the trial will be a lengthy one and with the involvement of more than 40 witnesses, it would not only be legally complex but also factually complicated.

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