Truck Owner-Operator Pleads not Guilty of Manslaughter


Photo by:Scott W

A Green Fields transport operator denied killing one of its truck drivers by making him use a vehicle which was considered as unroadworthy.

Colbert Transport owner-operator, Peter Frances Colbert, vehemently denies in the Adelaide Magistrate’s Court, that he killed one of his drivers by making him drive a defective truck. The 55-year-old Colbert pleaded not guilty of manslaughter over the death of Robert Brimson who was driving the truck that rammed into a post at Happy Valley last March.

According to reports, the 45-year-old truck driver crashed his truck when his brakes allegedly failed, 20 kilometres south of Adelaide. The owner also pleaded not guilty to two counts of endangering the lives of two other individuals who drove the truck before it was involved in the fatal incident.

Prosecutor Elizabeth May told the court that the owner failed to listen to the warnings from his drivers about the defective brakes. Authorities also said that they have managed to intercept some phone calls and heard the owner of the Adelaide based trucking company talking to an unqualified mechanic doing at least one of three trucks in order to deceive safety inspectors. He remains in custody and is seeking for bail as he is due to face the District Court next month.

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