Safe Work Australia: 167 Australian died at work so far this year

As at 28 November 2012, 167 Australians have died while at work. This is according to the latest data gathered by Safe Work Australia.

During the same period last year, 150 workers have died at work.

Safe Work Australia records cases of work fatality and injury, updates statistics and prepares several reports. The data is an initial estimate for the number of people killed and is based on initial media reports.

Worker deaths by industry of workplace as of November 2012:

Industry of Workplace Worker Deaths
Transport, postal & warehousing 56
Agriculture, forestry & fishing 38
Construction 20
Manufacturing 14
Administrative & support services 6
Public Administration & safety 5
Arts & recreation services 4
Mining 4
Electricity, gas, water & waste services 3
Wholesale trade 2
Retail trade 2
Education & training 2
Other services 2
Financial & insurance services 1
Health care 7 social assistance 2
Professional, scientific 7 technical assistance 1
Accommodation & food services 1
Government administration & defence 1
Industry unknown 3
Total worker deaths 167


Work-related status of this report cannot be confirmed until the death is investigated by authority. Once confirmed, it is reported in Safe Work Australia’s Monthly Notifiable Fatality Reports.

Safe Work Australia’s Notifiable report provides a national summary of work-related fatalities notifiable to Australian work health and safety jurisdictions. Aside from providing an estimate of the number of work-related fatalities, the report also shows details of the types of incidents involved. It also includes details of the industry of the workplace, at which the fatalities occurred, as well as the industry of the decedent’s employer.

More information can be found at the Safe Work Australia website.

One thought on “Safe Work Australia: 167 Australian died at work so far this year

  1. It seem pretty clear to me that if there is a rise in the number of workplace fatalities, the message isn’t getting across to workers, and the big factor’s in all this is money, time frames for the work, and not enough onus on the individual to do the job using the safest controls in accordance with the Hierarch of controls. To much responsibility is placed on the PCBU still to manage workers, who are ignorant when it come to safety, it is my firm belief that a worker who sighs SWMS’s and is Inducted and signs to say they will follow safety rules, should be made more accountable if they are injured, managers are not babysitters and these people are able to think for themselves, it is just the mighty dollar that prevails, also the laws need to be tightened up more on designers to design and account for safety in their projects, Until the mentality of Money coming first changes, and more and more pressure is put on companies to produce unrealistic deadlines and low margins on projects, the figures I have seen above wont improve. The key is training and placing responsibility for safety back on the individual, if you start talking about the chances of losing compensation or insurance claims if an individual is found to be not following safety procedures, there will be a significant change in people’s mindset.

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