Proactive inspection on safety of store-based retailing


WorkSafe WA will conduct a proactive inspection campaign soon focusing on other store-based retailing outlets to improve safety within the industry. Inspectors will visit other store-based outlets to identify common safety risks and provide employers with information on how to comply with Occupational Safety and Health requirements.

The safety agency released a newsletter ahead of the planned inspection campaign to highlight safety risks in other based retailing outlets and provide information on how to best manage those risks to minimise workplace injuries and comply with Occupational Safety and Health legislation.

Some of the most common risks that workers in retail face are performing manual tasks (i.e.) when handling, lifting, carrying, or putting down objects, falls from the same level, slip, trip and falls, falls from heights.

WorkSafe WA says that to control the risk, businesses need to eliminate the hazard or hazardous task; redesign, modify, alter or substitute the hazard or hazardous task; and involve administrative controls.

“Finally, when any control is implemented, make sure follow up and evaluation occurs to ensure that the control is adequately eliminating or minimizing the risk and has not introduced new risks,” WorkSafe says in its newsletter.

The agency developed a checklist to assist businesses and workers in identifying hazards and assessing the risk of injury or harm to persons, including employees and members of the public. The checklist covers WorkSafe’s priorities including manual tasks, slips, trips and falls, falls from heights, movement of vehicles/mobile plant and machine guarding along with industry-specific hazards.

SafetyCulture has made the checklist for store based retail industry available in a digital format for use with iAuditor, which means you can complete the checklist on your smartphone or tablet. Download the FREE Checklist here

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