New online workplace hazard and incident reporting system now available


Photo; SafetyCulture Library

WorkSafe WA has introduced a new system allowing online reporting of workplace hazards and incidents and work-related injuries and diseases.

The new system can be used 24-hours a day, seven days a week, removing the need to make calls during business hours and making work-related hazard and incident reporting easier and more convenient.

“Employers and employees are now able to report hazards, incidents, and injuries at their convenience without being restricted to business hours,” said WorkSafe Acting Executive Director, Chris Kirwin.

“Apart from the convenience factor, reports can be made from home or any other location if the person feels they need privacy.”

Some types of injuries and diseases should be reported to WorkSafe, and failure to do so can lead to prosecution.

“The new online service provides added convenience for the reporting of hazards, incidents, injuries, and diseases,” said Mr. Kirwin.

“Reports can now be made in person, in writing or by fax, telephone or now online at any time.”

More information about the new reporting system can be found on WorkSafe WA’s website.

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