New OHS Regulations Affect Water Carting Service

The Blayney Shire Council in NSW started to use the areas roadworks water tankers to take supplies of water to residents that were not connected to the Central Tablelands Water network during drought and when they were not needed for road construction.

However the council has made a recent decision to stop the water carting service. This is due to a number of factors.

The drought has eased in the area, there is an increase in road construction and, according to the Mayor, Scott Ferguson in an ABC report, with the new health and safety regulations the water carting service would be prohibitive.

He said that to satisfy the new OHS regulations it would cost $10,000 to retrofit the tanker for the supply of water and deliveries would need to be recorded which makes the task onerous for the council.

He said that food grade fittings, pipes, additives and valves would need to be fitted to the tanker which varied from the ones that are used to pump creek water for road surfaces.

With other dry conditions now arriving with the season people have again started requesting water because they are not connected to the Central Tablelands Water Network, according to the council they would need to rely of private contractors.

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