New managed mobility service to boost Victoria Police workforce safety and efficiency


Photo: TBIT, Pixabay

Victoria Police, through a partnership with Motorola Solutions will now be able to improve workforce safety, efficiency and collaboration among frontline officers through a new mobility managed service.

The new service to Victoria Police will help increase situational awareness, safety, and productivity. It will place real-time information at the fingertips of at least 10,000 police officers equipped with iPads and iPhones to help them do their jobs more safely and efficiently.

Transit police and Protective Service officers in the Werribee area of Melbourne’s outer western suburbs initially accessed the mobility service this month.

The managed service contract will run for a minimum of five years with the potential to extend to 11 years and is valued at more than AUD $50 million.

The solution includes a mobile application developed by Gridstone, a mobile application acquired by Motorola in 2016.

Motorola Solutions Vice President and Managing Director Steve Crutchfield said the service meets the specific needs of Victoria Police and supports their plans for future innovation.

“Frontline officers will gain access to data when and where they need it most, helping them to manage their essential daily tasks with increased efficiency and safety,” said Mr. Crutchfield.

“The mobile application delivers critical information to officers for improved decision-making. For example, it can alert officers about potentially dangerous suspects. Eventually, the application will free up officers’ time, enabling them to complete administrative tasks in the field instead of back at the station,” he said.

The new service also lays a foundation for Victoria Police to add improved functionality and innovation over time.

“In today’s world, emergency services are dealing with more complex threats and higher community expectations,” said Mr. Crutchfield.

“Technology innovation can help to address these challenges and bring transformational benefits to public safety.”

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