New chemical storage guide for workplaces released


Safe Work Australia has released a new guide to help workplaces store their chemicals safely.

The guide will help small to medium businesses to safely store chemicals in their workplace.

It outlines some of the common health and safety risks of storing chemicals and shows you ways to manage those risks.

“If you store chemicals in your workplace and need information on how to store them safely, this guide is for you,” said Director of Chemicals Policy, Dr. Paul Taylor.

“We particularly want to help small to medium-sized businesses safely store their chemicals”

“It is important to know which chemicals are safe to store together, where you can safely store them and which ones you should separate,” said Dr. Taylor.

“In this guide, we go into some of the common health and safety risks of storing chemicals and ways to manage those risks. We have included a handy storage checklist that sets out the standard precautions everyone should take and a detailed chart that will tell you which types of chemicals to separate and by how far,” he said.

The guide was developed in consultation with representatives from national work health and safety regulators, unions and industry groups.

Read and download the guide here.

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