New app to help businesses manage health and safety risks


Photo: WorkSafe New Zealand

New Zealand’s workplace health and safety regulator, WorkSafe, has recently developed a new online tool to help businesses manage their workplace health and safety risks.

The ‘Around the Block’ tool is an animated and interactive app, which takes users on a journey through a typical city block.

Users will see businesses often seen on a city block – from cafes and hair salons to medical centres and petrol stations. There are clickable hotspots within each of the interiors identifying some of the health and safety risks in that business and provide some information on how to manage them.

Over time, more businesses will be added to the block and will be targeting small and medium-sized businesses that make up 97 percent of the NZ business landscape.

“Businesses have told us they want to better understand health and safety in their particular business context, so we worked with representative businesses to develop and test the tool. It’s designed to support them with training and involving workers in identifying and managing some of their key health and safety risks,” said Katherine Low, Manager Education and Engagement Strategy at WorkSafe.

The app was created by WorkSafe in collaboration with ACC to help businesses better understand their obligations under the new Health and Safety at Work Act from a risk management perspective.

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