Latest DMIRS Safety Snapshots Focus on Natural Hazards


The latest installment of the Resources Safety Division’s monthly safety and health snapshots focuses on natural hazards.

Mines Safety Director Andrew Chaplyn said exposure to natural hazards has the potential to cause serious harm.

“Western Australia is subject to severe weather events such as tropical cyclones, extreme temperatures, and severe thunderstorms,” Mr. Chaplyn said.

“In remote areas, bushfires started by lightning can burn for weeks or months, particularly during periods of drought, and may affect mining operations.

“Serious and fatal injuries can result from inadequate identification, planning, and preparation for these hazards, and local communities can be significantly impacted.”

Key topics in the minerals sector identified by the department as potential areas of concern have been addressed in the monthly safety and health snapshots.

The snapshots can be accessed and downloaded from the DMIRS website. Employers and workers can use the snapshots to assist in the development and promotion of safe work practices on mining operations.

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