New 2016 SWMS Template Release


SafetyCulture SWMS

Our comprehensive library of over 350 SWMS is currently being upgraded by our team of writers. This bi-annual review allows us to ensure the SWMS we provide are current, as well as incorporating improvements based on feedback from you, our clients.

SWMS reviewed according to our continual improvement processes, will be released for purchase, as they become available. We expect this rollout to take a few months so stay tuned for updates on new releases.

What can you expect from our new and improved 2016 SWMS template? We have listed a few of the new features below.

SafetyCulture SWMS

New features:

  • Ability to nominate additional PPE being used
  • Ability to select additional high-risk construction work
  • Assesses the risk rating score associated with each potential hazard
  • Clearly outlines control measures to be applied to each hazard identified
  • All SWMS will be made available for use with Microsoft Word and iAuditor

Need more information? To help you understand what’s different with the 2016 template, we have put together a PDF sample of the SWMS complete with highlighted changes. To view sample click here.

New 2016 Release SWMS Now In-store

Get more value for your money! Updated value packs containing our 2016 SWMS templates are now in-store.

Our SWMS Library is Growing

We’re constantly writing new safe work method statements for clients like you, and we’ve recently introduced seven new SWMS to our extensive library of method statements.

Latest arrivals:

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