Safety alert on advertisers standing near roadways, roundabouts and parking areas released


The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation & Safety issued a safety alert on employees standing near traffic along roadways, roundabouts and in parking areas while holding or flapping advertising billboards as they can be exposed to hazards from moving vehicles.

These workers often do not wear high-visibility clothing and are not aware of traffic management plans that should be in place and their job usually takes place at periods of high road usage in mornings or afternoons.

To manage hazards and risks, DMIRS recommends the following:

  • Employers are required to identify hazards and assess the risks of injury or harm to employees engaged in advertising activities near moving vehicles (as far as is practicable). Risks associated with vehicle proximity, slips and trips, weather, manual handling and low light conditions should be considered
  • Preferably the hazards should be eliminated by using a system of advertising that does not require employees to work near moving vehicles.
  • Employers are to provide, so far as is practicable, a safe system of work with respect to the activity of ‘flapping’ for purposes of advertising so the employees are not exposed to hazards
  • Employers are required, so far as is practicable, to provide training and instruction to employees in relation to safe work methods when working near traffic
  • The provision of high-visibility apparel by an employer is strongly recommended for employees working in street-side advertising as an element of a safe work system. Other PPE may also be required based on the employer’s risk assessment, eg hat and long-sleeved clothing.

A checklist and further information is available from the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation & Safety.

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