‘Be a Safe Guy’ campaign urges young workers to get involved in health and safety


Photo: Pixabay

WorkSafe New Zealand has recently introduced a new campaign to encourage young workers to speak up for each other.

In their new campaign, ‘Be a Safe Guy’ WorkSafe enlisted the help of young Māori comedian D’Angelo Martin to help communicate directly with young workers.

The program focuses on Māori male workers, who are at the greatest risk of work injury.

WorkSafe Strategy and Performance Manager Jade Urlich said that Stat NZ’s latest data shows the rate of serious injury for Māori workers is 33 percent higher than for the total population.

“We also know that many Māori workers are in higher risk industries such as manufacturing, forestry, construction, agriculture, transport, postal and warehousing,” she said.

“Speaking up can be hard to do but we know that when workers get involved in health and safety that everyone benefits.

“This new campaign recognizes that one of the best ways people can stay safe is by talking to each other – in whatever way feels right for them. As D’Angelo says, ‘However you say it, be a safe guy – ahakoa o korero, kia haumaru tonu koe’.”

The campaign will be promoted through videos, posters, billboards and radio adverts in the next four months.

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