QLD: Construction Firm Fined as Grader Runs Over Worker

The Cairns Industrial Magistrates Court has fined a civil construction company over a grader accident in Atherton.

The company pleaded guilty to a breach of section 24(1) of the Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995, having failed to ensure workplace safety.

On August 2009, a 26-year old soil tester suffered abdomen and pelvis injuries after being run over by a grader on a civil construction site.

The court heard how the man saw the grader was at a distance, but did not believe he was in danger.

According to Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ), the grader, which had an audible alarm and flashing light, was moving at a reasonably slow pace. However, it said the company failed to show a proper communication and  consultation program was in place.

WHSQ said no consultation took place between the grader operator and other workers on the site, and that there was no evidence that all workers had completed an effective induction before starting work.

Industrial Magistrate Joe Pinder fined the company $40,000 and ordered it to pay $4500 in investigation, professional and court costs.

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