New safety laws will give better protection to workers, says union

South Australian unions welcome new safety laws saying workers will be better protected when these laws pass through State Parliament.

SA Unions State Secretary, Janet Giles says working people are happy that the Greens and Independent John Darley have decided to support the Government’s Work Health and Safety Bill.

“This has been sitting in the Legislative Council since April 2011 – and was the subject of three years of consultation before that,” says Ms Giles.

“We are grateful that the Bill will now get through Parliament and become law.”

“We have been working on better work safety laws for years, and we have continued to push for them because people continue to die or be seriously injured at work.”

“It is a tragedy when someone leaves home to go to work and simply never returns to their loved ones.”

The Work Health and Safety Bill includes much tougher penalties for safety breaches and gives working people the right to ask their union representatives to conduct random safety checks.

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