Electrical contractor loses licence following negligent work


The Electrical Licensing Committee has recently disqualified an electrical contractor from holding an electrical work licence for a period of ten years following several offences.

The electrical sole trader was previously directed  by the committee to go through an assessment of his competency and was deemed competent in June 2019. However, the Committee received new referrals in July 2019 of electrical work done in multiple locations that had serious defects, breaches against AS/NZ3000 and exposed live terminals, placing people and property at serious risk from electrical shock.

Because of the seriousness of the offences, the committee determined the licence holder was negligent and a danger to the community and work colleagues, and his electrical contractor’s licence was immediately cancelled. He was also required to correct electrical work defects and non-compliances at his own expense and fined $3800 as the contractor. He was also disqualified from holding an electrical work licence for a period of 10 years and was fined $3000 as the worker.

During July and August 2019, the committee has already held disciplinary hearings against six other licence holders.

More information about safe electrical work is available on www.worksafe.qld.gov.au/electricalsafety/home

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