Cladding a focus during Building Minister’s Forum in Brisbane


The Building Minister’s Forum recently held in the ACT today discussed the strong actions to take on the unsafe use of Aluminum Composite Panels (ACPs).

“The use of ACPs was the key item of discussion at the BMF held in Brisbane today, following the identification of the need to check these panels are being used appropriately in Australia, including the ACT,” said Minister Mick Gentleman.

“Ministers agreed, in recognition of the public safety concerns and risk arising around non-compliant use of cladding, to use their available laws and powers to prevent the use of ACPs for new buildings of certain higher risk classes of building while longer-term measures are developed. While supporting my colleagues today, I continue to have a high degree of confidence in the safety of buildings in the ACT.

“As part of the ACT response, we have a cross-government working group working on an audit of the safety of the buildings in the ACT. All ACT government-owned and tenanted buildings are being audited for non-complying use of ACPs and further work will focus on private properties. The ACT Government is now calling on industry groups to work assist in identifying potentially affected buildings.”

Minister Gentleman also said work across Australia to address the risk of asbestos in building materials will continue.

“Out of the unfortunate ‘Mr Fluffy’ situation, the ACT has developed considerable expertise in managing asbestos removal and demolition of houses with asbestos. Today, I offered our assistance to other jurisdictions in tackling any asbestos issues they have,” said Minister Gentleman.

The official BMF communique will be published at

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