Australia Observes Safe Work Week on 23-29 October

Australia will be observing National Safe Work Australia Week on the 23rd of October until the 29th. The annual event, which is organized by Safe Work Australia, aims to promote and encourage workers’ awareness on safety and health concerns in the workplace that should help minimize injuries, diseases and deaths.

This year, participants can get involved through its Safety Ambassador Program where their leadership and example will matter to the industry and their colleagues, as well as the rest of the community. Safety Ambassador kits will be given to those who will join the event.

According to Safe Work Australia’s chairperson, Tom Phillips AM, there are over 220 Australian workers who die and over 134,000 who are injured as a result of accidents in the workplace. Having a Safety Ambassador, who shall provide workers with tools and information on safety and health, should be beneficial to the company and its employees.

The event currently has 300 participants committing their involvement, but the organization is still accepting groups or individuals who may want to take an active part in promoting a safe and healthy workplace.

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