ACT: Bridge Collapse May Lead to Regulatory Changes

New regulations may be in the horizon for the construction industry as a result of a bridge collapse in August, ACT Work Safe says.

18 workers were injured when a bridge over the Barton Highway crashed during a concrete pour.

Federal Assistant Treasurer Bill Shorten says they are looking to improve the current safety regulations.

“The Government’s realised that as a result of the bridge collapse there are too many loopholes in the legislation,” he said.

According to Mr Hall, several policy changes have been recommended, including an improved formwork code of practice.

“The ACT Government’s been in negotiations with us now and have made clear commitments to us around training, improving safety training for workers and also improving their tendering process to greater reflect the importance on safety,” he said.

ACT Work Safety Commissioner Mark McCabe said investigation into the bridge collapse is ongoing, but noted that the structure’s formwork may likely be the cause of the collapse.

“I think there’s a high chance we will look at at least adopting a code of practice in relation to formwork,” he said.

Mr McCabe said the authority is looking at how other jurisdictions regulate formwork.

“Although it really will be up to the Work Safety Council and what it recommends to the Minister.”

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