Worker in hospital after welding incident


Photo: SafetyCulture Library

SafeWork NSW is investigating an incident that occurred in South Windsor where a worker was welding on top of a vat when a flash over occurred.

The man was reportedly thrown approximately 5-10 metres across the floor.

The incident happened on Wednesday.

He was taken to hospital with severe burns to the lower body.

Early this year, SafeWork NSW  issued a safety alert reminding workplaces of the precautions required when carrying out hot work, for example grinding, welding, oxy cutting or other processes which produce a flame or other ignition source.

According to SafeWork NSW, serious or fatal injuries can occur when hot works are undertaken on or in close proximity to flammable or combustible materials/ substances without appropriate control measures.

Prior to carrying out any hot work on site, it is essential to implement a hot work permit system, which includes a detailed review, to identify all potential hazards associated with the proposed hot work activity and to eliminate the hazards or, where this is not reasonably practicable, control the resulting risks.

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