Transport services company fined $220K over 2016 buggy crash


Photo: Mdesigns, Pixabay

A transport services company has been fined $220,000 following a golf buggy crash that left eight Hamilton Island resort guests and a worker badly injured.

A worker was transporting the guests from their accommodation to the island marina when the foot brakes and the park brake failed resulting in the golf buggy gaining speed down a steep road. The vehicle hot concrete road guttering tipped and collided with another stationary buggy. The worker and all guests sustained injuries. Two passengers, including 1 infant suffered bleeding in the brain. All suffered psychological injuries.

An investigation into the incident found that the trailer was overloaded and the buggy’s brake linings were so worn they were inoperable. The defendant also only had an ad hoc servicing and maintenance regime.

The defendant was fined $220,000 for two contraventions of section 32 of the Workplace Health and Safety Act 2011. No conviction was recorded.

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