Safety warning on potentially dangerous lunchbox gas cookers issued


Photo: DanielAlon, Pixabay

A new warning has been issued on more potentially dangerous portable gas cookers in Queensland.

Natural Resources and Mines Dr. Anthony Lynham is urging Queenslanders to return or safely dispose of Active & Co and Jackeroo brand portable single burner butane stoves at Kmart between December 2015 and April this year.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has recalled the stoves because of gas leaks (recall notice here).

“People have been injured in two incidents in Western Australia and Victoria because of gas leaks from these devices,” said Dr. Lynham.

“Anyone who has one should check the number of the certificate on the cooker. The recalled products have a model number PL-222 and a certification number GMK10262.

“If it is, they should stop using it immediately and return the product to any Kmart store for a full refund or dispose of the appliance responsibly.

He said used butane canisters should be disposed properly in appropriate bins at council waste or recycling centres.

“If there is no longer a certificate on the cooker it would be wise to get advice from Kmart about whether that model is safe or not.”

All lunchbox cookers manufactured before July 2015 were recalled nationally in 2016.

Dr. Lynham said butane canister explosions could cause serious injury to people close by.

“The energy released is enough to create a shock wave to knock a person off balance and the fire ball can be up to 6 metres in diameter,” he said.

More information about using butane cookers and other appliances that use gas safely is available on

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