Queensland’s Mental Health Ambassador speaks up about workplace mental health

libby tricket

Photo: Libby Trickett's Facebook page (www.facebook.com/libbytrickettofficial/)

Queensland’s Mental Health Ambassador, Libby Trickett visited employees at WorkCover Queensland today to raise awareness on the importance of promoting mental health in the workplace.

Sharing her personal experience with mental health issues, the four-time Olympic gold medal swimmer used R U Ok? Day to point out that it’s ‘OK to not be OK.’

Libby Trickett travels around the state to speak about her battles with depression and to encourage people affected to seek help.

“Libby is passionate about promoting positive mental health,” said Industrial Relations Minister Grace Grace.

“She came on board to help the Queensland Government raise awareness of mental health issues, particularly at the workplace.

“We know that employers are well placed to support those who may be doing it tough, not only by providing a work environment that protects their staff from psychological injury but by creating a workplace culture that encourages people to look after each other.”

Libby said one in five workers is affected by mental health issues, with an annual cost to the economy of over $11 billion.

“But it’s more than just the financial cost – it’s the personal cost – to the individual themselves and to their families,” she said.

“It’s hard to believe, but over 600 Queenslanders, across all ages and circumstances, commit suicide, and many more attempt it every year.

“And when someone is driven to take their own life, the cost to family, friends, colleagues and the community is nothing short of devastating.

“Tackling mental health issues requires actions across many sectors, at all levels of government and across the community. We can all do our part,” Libby said.

Ms Grace encouraged everyone to support people struggling with mental health issues.

“The RU OK message is for all of us – we just have to Ask; Listen; Encourage action; and Check in. This is so important because often, the hurt can’t be seen,” said Ms. Grace.

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