QLD: Truckies Raise Concern over Queensland Roads

Truck drivers traversing Bruce Highway is concerned of the road’s shape, which they said isn’t getting any better.

One man who has been working for the transport industry for 27 years said highway was in a bad shape.

“There are too many accidents,” he said.

He plies the Brisbane to Rockhampton route and back twice weekly, and observed the Gin Gin to Miriam Vale stretch of the Bruce Highway was the worst.

“The road needs to be wider and it is not designed for the volume of traffic that use it,” he said.

The veteran truckie said the traffic condition gets worse during the holidays.

“We need four lanes all the way or we need more overtaking lanes.

“The surface of the road is too soft and it takes only a little bit of rain to wash it away.”

A New South Wales truck driver agrees that Bruce Highway was in a bad condition.

“New South Wales roads are a little better than here but Victoria has the best roads in Australia,” he said.

“It is unfair they give us this to work with.

“This is our workplace, where’s the workplace health and safety,” he said.

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