Increase in WorkCover weekly benefits announced today

Minister Greg Pearce
Photo: NSW
Government website

An increase in the weekly benefits for 940 injured workers has been announced by the Minister for Finance and Services Greg Pearce today.

Those assessed with an impairment of more than 30 percent will have an increased weekly benefit to a minimum of $736 per week.

“From today, 940 of the most seriously injured workers being supported by WorkCover will be guaranteed a rate which is around 70 percent more than the previous statutory rate, an increase from $432 to $736 per week, following the Government’s reform of the scheme,” said Mr Pearce.

“We promised to improve the system and we have. As a result seriously injured workers will have more money from today and access to medical treatment for life.

“Employers and the economy have also benefitted because the forecast 28 percent rise in WorkCover premiums was avoided, saving up to 12,600 jobs.”

He said he was pleased with the feedback WorkCover received from injured workers when they were informed of the increased benefits. He also said the increase in payments is the next stage in the roll-out of reforms to the State’s workers compensation system.

“The next phase starts on October 1 and workers who make a claim on or after this date will receive benefits which more closely relate to workers actual earnings prior to injury.

“In the final phase from 1 January 2013, workers who made a claim prior to 1 October will be transitioned to the new legislative requirements.

“WorkCover is working to ensure that all those affected by the reforms adjust to the changes as smoothly as possible,” said Mr Pearce.


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