Fertiliser Truck Explosion Site Still Unsafe


Photo by:Highway Patrol Images

With the scene likened to a “bomb blast, the site where a truck carting ammonia exploded and disintegrated near Charleville in Queensland’s southwest is still considered unsafe for authorities to enter.

The Queensland Fire and Rescue Service (QFRS) firmly stated that the blast site remains unsafe for authorities to enter and a two-kilometre exclusion zone is strictly enforced. Earlier, a truck transporting more than 50 tonnes of ammonium nitrate crashed and rolled. Eight people which includes the driver of the truck, a police officer, four firefighters and two civilians were injured when the fertiliser truck exploded. The explosion was powerful that the truck disintegrated and destroyed two firefighting trucks. The blast have also destroyed two bridges and tore down a portion of Mitchell Highway.

The victims were brought to the hospital and were treated for their injuries. According to authorities, a team of experts arrived in the area and are assessing the best possible way to stabilise the scene.

An investigation into the explosion is also being carried out by Workplace Health and Safety officers.

The owner of the truck, Kalari, have also issued a statement showing compassion to the people injured during the incident. The company also said that the welfare of the victims was their priority and added that they have stopped the service route while the incident is being investigated.

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