Crane inspection continues following Box Hill incident


WorkSafe is verifying safety inspection on over 60 Raimondi cranes as investigations into last week’s Box Hill incident continues.

The company that owns and sells the cranes has inspected the hoist rope termination assembly on all but one of the cranes in service in Victoria. All checked cranes are able to return to service.

WorkSafe Victoria engaged specialist technicians to visit the crane sites and verify the company’s safety checks.

WorkSafe investigators suspect that the failure of the hoist rope termination assembly is likely to have been a contributory factor in the incident, in which a kibble carrying concrete dropped from a crane hitting three workers.

A man in his 40s died, a 28-year old man suffered life-threatening injuries and a 27-year-old man sustained non-life threatening injuries in the incident.

The company commenced inspections of the cranes last Friday. WorkSafe warned operators and owners of other makes to check the component, which is common to most cranes.

Construction companies with workers performing tasks on sites where cranes are operating, to review their work practices and ensure the safety of their workers.

Working around cranes is inherently dangerous, and construction companies have a duty, as far as reasonably practicable, to ensure loads do not travel over or are suspended above workers,” said WorkSafe Acting Executive Director of Health and Safety.

“This requires careful planning and daily communication between work groups on site and may mean that more time has to be taken to complete a task.

“WorkSafe inspectors will continue to check that this is occurring when they visit sites that are using cranes.”

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